About Our Builds

Our cabins are designed and built to ensure the highest standards both structurally and aesthetically.

  • We use concrete pillar foundations that are less intrusive to the garden meaning less waste and a faster installation.

  • Walls are built with high performance insulation board to reduce energy consumption and keep heat in, allowing comfortable all year-round use.

  • We offer a hard wood cladding finish with Western Red Wood or Thermowood that is long lasting and low maintenance. There is also the option of a soft wood, feather edge finish.

  • Our standard designs include aluminium bifold doors and aluminium fascia as standard to provide a sleek modern finish.

  • Also included are interior double sockets, indoor/outdoor spot lights as well as decking lights

  • Internally the walls and ceiling are finished a professional skim plaster and white paint.

All finishes can be changed or added to meet your needs, please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote.